Our firm draws on 70 years of experience advising clients in trademark prosecution, enforcement, and licensing. And, critically, with our global network of trademark solicitors, we can advise at local and international levels - in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fashion.

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So, What is a Trademark?

A trademark is something that distinguishes your good or service from competitors. For example, a logo, a word, or even a sound! You need to understand; trademarks can be priceless assets. Let us explain.

A registered trademark gives you legal rights that allow you to take legal action against third parties that use the same or similar mark. A second benefit is that you are free to sell or license your trademark - giving you an additional stream of income. Something else to keep in mind, they can also assure consumers of quality and source of product or service - this helps build trust in brands.

Background searches and advice on feasibility

Your time is valuable. Our trademark lawyers will conduct searches of existing registrations and pending applications. This will enable you to know whether or not your trademark is available to be registered before you invest your time proceeding with an application.

Filing and processing applications 

Our trademark attorney can file and process trade marks in Colombia and abroad. We’ve dealt with and managed the demands of the respective authorities for more than 60 years. We know what they want (and don’t want). Details are important.

Defense of registration applications

Our trademark lawyers defend your trade mark applications at a domestic and international level. We work hard to prevent infringement and dilution of your trademark application.

License agreements 

Commercial aspects of trademarks are important. That’s why we assist you with trademark licensing, franchising, and assignment.

Watches and opposition

Trademark solicitors can help you to identify competitor’s applications. We’ll make sure they don’t register a mark that is similar to yours. Further, if your mark is opposed, we can coordinate a response.

Domain names

We have experts in domain name law in Colombia and abroad. It is not uncommon for fraudsters to create domain names similar to brands to divert business. For example, a domain may utilize a common misspelling of your brand. A trademark infringement proceeding may be necessary for this scenario. Our specialists can devise a customized strategy for you.

What Can You Trademark?

Your trademark must meet the criteria to be registered. Firstly, your trade mark must be distinctive. In other words, it must distinguish your good or service from others. For example, this could be through a unique logo design. Secondly, your trademark must not be descriptive. For example, the term ‘rice’ for a packet of rice would not pass.

Recordal of renewals

Your registration will be granted for a limited time. This means that you will need to renew your registration to keep it active. We handle this for you.

Data updates

Your trademark registration must be kept up to date. This means that any new details must be recorded against the initial registration - for example, a change in address. 


Meet Our Trademarks Specialists


Meet Our Trademarks Specialists