Cavelier Abogados provides a highly specialized copyright service for those operating in the fields of music, film, and software. Our team has handled thousands of unique and complex cases for creatives - advising on copyright matters such as determining copyright existence to issues surrounding ownership.

Copyright team of Cavelier Law
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That Piece of Original, Creative Work Belongs To You

Copyright is a right of supreme importance to anybody working in the creative industry. It goes without saying, ‘copy cats’ should not be given a chance to stand in the way of your increased prosperity. That’s why we allow you to understand the automatic rights granted to you and your creative works. The type of work we have protected includes:

Music works

Such as the melody and lyrics.

Artistic works

Such as paintings and photographs.

Software works

Such as program and app source code.

Literary works

Such as books and website content.

Filmmaker works

Such as cinematography and source material.

Handling Copyright
Infringement In Colombia And Abroad

Somebody has used your copyright-protected work without permission; now what? It’s important that the work used is substantially similar to yours, rather than a similar idea or concept. That’s what it comes down to, and our copyright infringement lawyer can help you to decipher this. Now, if your copyright work is judged to have been infringed, we can take class actions against the infringer. Conversely, we can also defend wrongful claims of copyright infringement.

Why Use A Copyright Attorney From
Cavelier Abogados?

The legalities surrounding your creative work are too important to trust to just anyone. You don’t need to go through the wilderness of copyright law to map out the territory, only to find that your copyright claim is ill-founded. Our copyright solicitors are experienced in many creative fields and help you quickly identify if copyright exists in your work. Once established, they will identify the necessary steps for you to take to make a successful claim. No stone is ever left unturned.


Meet Our Copyright Specialists


Meet Our Copyright Specialists