Patents & Life Sciences

Our comprehensive technical team has specialties in many technology fields, covering life sciences, chemistry, pharma, biotech, electronics, mechanics, and more. This is why companies at the forefront of their industries trust us with their patent work. We can tailor your strategies for both Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

We’ve achieved global recognition for a reason
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Treat Colombia As Your ‘Hub’...

It makes sense to use Colombia as your starting jurisdiction for any Latin American country. Here's just one reason: the Colombian patent office is the fastest in the region. Prosecution time for your patent application (from zero to granted) is on average 35 months. Other countries such as Peru or Chile can have a 45 to 50-month timeline, whereas countries like Brazil can offer timelines of up to 8 years. Once your application is successful in Colombia, it becomes a fundamental part of your strategy for other Latin American countries with similar patentability standards - which is very time and cost-effective.

Identification of intangible assets

To protect your assets, we must first identify them. And, make no mistake: your intangible assets can be of substantial value. Our cross-border experience enables us to go one step further when searching for the critical pieces of hidden value in your company.

Patentability, ownership, and counterpart searches

This is important. Here’s the thing to know: for your industrial design or device to be patentable, it must be novel, inventive, and capable of industrial application. Explain your invention to us, our technical experts will understand it, and we will then assess patentability.

Patent drafting

Your first patent application is a potential deal breaker. Meeting specifications is vital for acceptance. That’s why we put such a focus on draft applications. The good news is Colombia is not a restrictive jurisdiction and grants patents in all fields of technology.

Technology surveillance

We work with you to implement effective methods to best monitor and track technological changes in your marketplace. Stay ahead of the competition.

Freedom to operate analysis

Put simply, this analysis allows you to know whether or not you can put your product or process on the market in the Andean region (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and beyond. We will guide you through this process.

Industrial designs

Your product aesthetics take time, money, and effort to get right. That said, copycats can quickly replicate your product once it has gone to market. The solution is industrial designs. We are trusted experts in industrial design law.


Drawings help to illustrate the embodiments of your innovation. Our team can advise on imagery production to ensure that all necessary elements are included clearly. We understand just how important the aesthetic essence of your product is.

Patent and design prosecution

Patent examiners may have all kind of objections during prosecution of your patent. That can get frustrating, and if you run into constant snags, it can derail your whole project. That’s why we utilize battle-tested approaches to overcome such objections.


We have dealt with patent prosecution and enforcement in Latin America and abroad, with significant effect. We can defend an opposition or oppose a patent.

Patent infringement and validity litigation

We are highly experienced in disputes prevention and litigation within patents. Your patent litigators will be able to coordinate national and international disputes regarding infringement, ownership, and much more.

Early advice in R+D projects

Transferring research into real-world solutions. We work with you to bring academia and industry together - the reward for doing so can be business transforming.

Technology transfer

This is a fundamental process. The transfer of technology from the originator to a secondary user can promote economic development through commercializing innovative technology. Strong IP protection can help facilitate technology transfer - we can help with this.


Meet Our Patents & Life Sciences Specialists


Meet Our Patents & Life Sciences Specialists