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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should I Register A Copyright?

Copyright protects the skill involved in creating something original by preventing the unauthorized distribution of said creation. Essentially, others will be prevented from copying your work without permission.

What Can I Copyright?

You can copyright things like software code, photographs, lyrics, and so on. That said, your work must be original. What’s more, your piece must be a consequence of some form of skill, labor, or judgment exercised by you, the author.

Why Should I Register A Trademark?

Trademarks act like signs that distinguish you from other brands or products. A registered trademark gives you legal rights that allow you to take legal action against third parties that use the same or similar mark. You are free to sell or license your trademark.

What Can I Trademark?

You can trademark something that distinguishes your good or service from competitors. For example, a logo, a word, or even a sound!

Why Should I Patent My Invention?

Patents prevent others from copying or using your invention. Without a patent, it can become difficult to prevent others from doing this. A patent can also provide you with a source of income if you were to license or sell the rights to your invention. Your invention may be a product or process.

What Can I Patent?

You can patent your invention, which may be a product or process. However, for your invention to be patentable, it must be novel, inventive, and capable of industrial application.

What Fields of IP Do You Specialize In?

Our most popular services include Trademarks, Copyright, Patents, and Sports & Entertainment.

What Can Be Classed As IP?

Simply put, IP is something that you have created using your mind. Here are three examples: a piece of artistic work, a symbol, an invention.