We provide artists, producers, and companies in the entertainment industry with clear, practical advice. Our particular focus on matters related to music, film, and software law has enabled us to gain valuable insights and build long-standing relationships with some of the biggest names in these sectors.

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We advise music artists and bands, of all sizes, on how to get the most from their creative talents. Our premier quality of expertise has enabled us to empower true industry leaders to exploit their creativity fully. We often provide advice relating to deal negotiation with publishers and record labels, along with deal structure, contract formalization, and much more. Our goal is to monetize your content to the fullest through the many sources of royalties that are available to you. We understand the magnitude of commercial opportunities that can be exploited by talented artists like yourself.


Increased digitalization is changing the rules of play. Whether you’re developing a bright new movie or a riveting TV series, your content needs to be secured. We cover all legal aspects relating to film - including the attainment of tax-related benefits that are available to creatives. Ultimately, IP protection is of the utmost importance to production companies. In a world where published content can be distributed worldwide in a matter of seconds, it’s essential for you to have the right partner in your corner. Our entertainment lawyer demystifies legal complexities and explains concepts in simple terms - giving you the confidence to flourish.


Software has revolutionized the way we entertain ourselves. When it comes to intellectual property, our entertainment law team advises on all things software-related, from contracts and licensing to distribution and infringement. We also litigate on behalf of parties who have fallen victim to software piracy, for example, and negotiate payment terms seamlessly. One thing is constant; we help you understand your rights using direct and non-technical language. Our cutting-edge clients range from video game creators to web app developers - we now look forward to adapting to your industry’s dynamic demands.


Meet Our Entertainment Specialists


Meet Our Entertainment Specialists