Litigation and Prevention of Disputes

Our approach to disputes is different. We will always first try to come to a solution that avoids litigation. After all, nobody wants to enter lengthy disputes that can take years to resolve. We solve your case quickly and amicably in the most cost-efficient way.

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Your litigation query will be dealt with by a specialist in the field of IP law that it’s best suited to - for example, patents, copyright, or trademark. Other firms may have separate, more generalized litigation departments - but we disagree with that approach. We deliver substantial work, strategy, and input - not fast reports and non-specialized advice. That’s why our alternative resolution mechanisms, judicial and administrative proceedings have a success rate of 90%.

Strategic Prevention

We can provide support with your marketing strategies to minimize legal risks occurring in the first place. We also monitor physical and digital channels to detect violations in trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Moreover, our competition and consumer law team provide counseling for unfair competition cases and for compliance with consumer law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our team assists with negotiations and mediation to attain efficient arrangement formulas that solve conflicts without the need for court. We are highly experienced when it comes to settlement hearings and obtaining fast and efficient settlement agreements.


Our strategies are designed to succeed in litigation relating to IP, unfair competition, and contractual matters. We focus on protecting and enforcing your fundamental rights - whether you are an individual or a business. We also represent victims of criminal proceedings in economic and business law cases by safeguarding patrimonial rights.

Border Measures

We can protect your intangible assets from the damage generated by the importation of counterfeit products by implementing anti-counterfeiting mechanisms.

Digital Content

We can provide counseling in the optimal use of social media networks and e-commerce platforms so that you can preserve the reputation of your trademark and all of its commercial value.

Administrative Sanctions Process

Our knowledge relating to quality and technical norms allows us to offer better alternatives to adjusting your activities so that they apply to your sector’s regulations. We have extensive experience in ideal mechanisms to achieve legal certainty and compliance with consumer protection standards.

Antitrust and Anticorruption

We design strategies for the development of an effective defense with regard to restrictive competition practices. In relation to antibribery, we understand the business ethics programs that certain companies must adhere to.


Meet Our Litigation and Prevention of Disputes Specialists

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Meet Our Litigation and Prevention of Disputes Specialists

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