The global rankings high lighting the firm's leadership in Intellectual Property practice

We are proud to share with you the general review by Chambers and Partners of Our Firm and Our Partners, Jorge Chávarro  and Andres Rincón


Cavelier Abogados possesses significant experience representing high-profile clients, both domestic and international, in a range of IP mandates. Advises on trademarks, patents and copyright, as well as appellation of origin, anti-counterfeiting and domain names. Team is particularly well equipped to handle contentious patent cases.

A market onlooker describes Andrés Rincón as "a very good lawyer who offers a strong patent litigation practice." Another interviewee adds: "He is very strategic and timely with his advice. He has an excellent handle on our matters and is an expert advising on infringement cases."

The "excellent" JorgeChavarro comes highly recommended by interviewees for his "leading expertise in domain name issues." One says: "He is a very good IP lawyer with avast knowledge of trade mark matters. He leads the practice and demonstrates great technical skills and knowledge." Another respondent also notes: "Jorge Chavarro is an expert IP professional."

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